Open studio Policy

Hi there ! Here is a non exhaustive and pretty boring but essential list of things you need to know before joining us for some clay fun. 🙂

What is included in studio time?

  • Access to the studio up to two hours
  • Use of the space, its equipment and tools (5 wheels, an extruder, three handbuilding tables, one wedging table)
  • Materials (30 colors of glazes & 4 colors of clay)
  • Limited number of participants to guarantee the access to the equipment & tranquility
  • Firing costs are not included
  • Maintenance and firings done by us
  • An assistant will be on site to help you if you have any question regarding the space, material and tools


  • Previous experience with clay (with the wheel or handbuilding) or with glaze if you come for glazing
  • You are responsible for your own liability insurance and must have one when using the studio space
  • Before your first studio time session you will receive a quick tour of the space with explanations concerning the use of the equipment
  • Please finish each stage of the process (preparing wet pieces for firing/glazing bisqueware/picking up ready pieces) within one month maximum
  • Respect the timetable you previously booked online, studio hours cannot be refund or postponed

The space

  • You shall use the studio in a careful and respectful way. Extra costs will occur in case of damages resulting from improper use of the space, its tools, furnitures or equipment
  • Make sure you respect the personal space and time of other people working in the studio as well as others’ pieces (no touching of greenware pieces)
  • After working in the studio, mark all your pieces with your name or logo, place them on the « studio time » labeled shelf, and don’t leave anything in the shared space(belongings, clay pieces, etc.)
  • Do not eat or drink in the studio area except in the kitchen with clean hands (glaze & clay are toxic)
  • Smoking, consuming drugs or alcohol is not allowed in the studio
  • Discriminations, abuse of any person, racism, homophobia, antisemitism or stigmatization towards any minorities or ethnicities will result to the immediate cancellation of the studio hours without refund
  • Visitors, pets and children are not allowed in the studio space
  • Nothing should be placed on top of the kilns
  • Only throw away organic material (food, etc.) in the organic trash in the kitchen to avoid any parasites

The materials, tools & equipments:

  • You will be required to use the equipment and tools carefully as well as cleaning them all with a wet sponge after usage. All used surfaces and equipment must be cleaned and dishes, tools returned to their place before leaving the studio.
  • Cleaning of the surfaces and tools should be done with the use of water in buckets available in the front room. If you need to move around the studio or go to the bathroom, make sure you clean your hands in one of the buckets first
  • After using the space, place any leftover clay (too wet or too dry) in one of the labeled clay containers with the corresponding clay color. Do not mix several colors together in a bucket (except in the one labeled « mixed clay ») Before switching to another color of clay, make sure that the previous one is cleaned up
  • Use the open bags of clay before opening a new one. Always use scissors to open new bags
  •  Do not use the square wooden throwing bats
  • Do not cut anything directly on the plaster table, use a wooden board
  • No mold making using plaster is allowed in the studio space
  • Do not sand your piece inside the studio
  • Do not broom the floor. If you need to clean the floor, use a wet mop
  • Towels should go in the laundry basket when dirty. Do not shake them if dry in order not to spread silica dust in the air
  • Clay must not be disposed of in sinks and drains but in the corresponding clay color bucket or in the dirty water container
  • When using the glazes, make sure to use a clean wooden stick for each color in order not to mix the different glazes together. After using the glazing buckets clean them carefully and place them back on the shelf
  • Only glaze pieces made at the studio during the open studio hours
  • Only use the glazes with no heart sticker on the bucket

Personal belongings:

  • You are responsible for your own belongings in the studio.
  • Use of external clay or glazes is not allowed


  • Firing fees are 10€/kg per firing
  • When your pieces are ready to be fired, place them on the « ready to be fired » shelf in the front room
  • Your pieces will be fired within 1-2 weeks after placed on the « ready to be fired » shelf
  • Pick up your ready pieces when you see them on the « ready pieces » shelf, ask the studio coordinator to weigh them and proceed to payment before taking them home
  • The studio is not responsible and will not refund any damages happening to pieces during the firing ( cracks, bubbles, glaze melting down, changes of shape and color, etc. ) and you will be entitled to pay your fired pieces anyways.
  • In case of kiln damages (shelves, resistances, etc. ) you will be required to compensate the studio for incurred reparation costs

Datas & confidentiality:

  • Violaine Toth’s processes and design are protected by Intellectual property and the studio user is not authorized to copy/disclose any pieces or processes during and after the open studio hour period
  • Any marketing, educational or other materials of this nature whatsoever produced by the studio user in connection with Violaine Toth Ceramic shall at all times remain the property of Violaine Toth Ceramic and will be subject to Violaine Toth Ceramic’s copyright
  • When posting images on social media, make sure nobody is on the picture and if so, ask for their consent. If you post images of the space or Violaine Toth’s work, make sure you tag @violainetoth.ceramic
  • Your work might be photographed and tagged on our social media. If you disagree, please let us know

That’s it, thanks for reading 🙂