Firing your ceramics

Kiln Firings


The studio can fire your ceramics at two different temperatures ( 900°C for the bisc firing,  1220° for the glazing)

  • The maximum dimension of your piece should be 34cm width and 46cm height.
  • You will be required to inform the studio about your clay and glaze references before the firing (for regular firings or if you bring your own clay to a glazing class).
  • We do not accept low temperature clays (980-1100°C ) only high temperature clays (1000-1220°C)
  • Your pieces will be fired approximately within 1-4 weeks depending on how many you have.
  • The studio is not responsible and will not refund you for any damages happening to your work during the firing ( cracks, bubbles, glaze melting down, changes of shape and colors,…)
  • In case of kiln damages (shelves, resistances,..) you will be required to compensate the studio for any reparation costs. 

  • In order to use our firing services, you need to have a liability insurance.

Please note that the firing costs are not only covering electricity costs but also the storing of your pieces, cleanup of the shelves, labor of the loading and unloading of your pieces, kiln use, logistic, etc. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Firing costs:

(Prices per firing)

External work

10€/kg per firing

Work made at the studio

7€/kg per bisc firing
8€/kg per glaze firing

Minimum to fire: 1kg

To book a firing spot, send an email to with your availabilities, 
A picture of the sticker on your clay/glaze bag, a picture of the amount of pieces you have and which firing you need (bisc and glaze or only bisc for example)