3 hours handbuilding workshop (team event or private)


3 hours handbuilding workshop (team event or private)


3-20 participants • 1 day  • 3 hours • Beginner Level

Learn the basics of handbuilding with clay and design your own pottery. You will be able to paint your piece with underglazed decors before it gets fired and to choose between four different types of clay. After the first firing, your ceramic will be glazed transparent by the teacher to make it waterproof in order to bring it back home!

This is a great way to dip your toes into the world of pottery and meet other ceramic lovers in a cosy and friendly space!

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6-20 participants • 1 day  • 3 hours • Beginner Level 

In this classes, I’ll teach you all the steps to make a handbuilt ceramic piece which you will take home with you after it’s fired (within one month after the class). You will be able to make the shape and object you like, and if you don’t feel inspired, I have planty of ideas for you! You will be able to choose between 4 different colors of clay ( white, black, speckled beige or terra cotta).

You’ll learn the different techniques of handbuilding from slab, coil, pinchpot and engobes (colorful paints for ceramic).  I’ll guide you through the different steps to make a handmade pottery that you’ll be able to paint during the workshop or glaze in an additional glazing class. We also offer glazing services if you want your piece to be glazed for you.

Programm of the Workshop:

  • First part (2 hours) : Thinking of a design( Shape, texture, elements of decoration, signature) , Making of the clay piece
  • Second Part (1 hour): Painting the clay piece with engobes (underglazed color) – If you don’t want to paint your ceramic and spend the full 3 hours making clay pieces, you can book an additional glazing class here or we also offer glazing services, contact us by email after the class.



Only reservations cancelled 7 or more full calendar days prior to the start of the course will receive a full refund.

  • Please note that due to limited space in our studio we can’t store your pieces for a long period of time. Therefore your ceramics have to be picked up, or, if a glazing class was booked, has to take place within two months after the creation of your ceramic, otherwise it will be thrown away.


Restrictions due to COVID-19 :

During you class, I kindly ask you to act according the following precaution measures :
– Bring a same day negative antigen test or a proof of vaccination. The antigen tests are also required if you are vaccinated.
Contact me by email (tothviolaine@gmail.com) if you have any questions or requests.